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Getting Ready – First Half Marathon

I recently watched a triathlon nutrition video by Joe Friel. He recommends that if you have an hour before the race, you take in 200-300 calories. If you have 2 hours, 400-600 calories. Since liquid or semi-soft food is easier to handle and less likely to cause digestive issues, I will be trying his suggestion of Ensure. He recommends Ensure because it doesn’t contain milk solids. Since I’m lactose intolerant, that’s fine by me.

I am going for my 16K run in about an hour so I just downed a bottle of chocolate Ensure. It actually tastes decent. I will eat a gel just as I go out the door and have another one after an hour. If all goes well for the next two long runs, I’ll be doing the same before my race.

It’s only 5 degrees Celsius out there, so I should be nice and cool on my run. I hate the fact that summer is dead and buried, but I like the fact that I can run at any time of day.

Race – Sunset Shuffle 6K

This race was held on Ward’s Island (which is really the east part of Centre Island). Before the race, I had a nice cappuccino from the Island Café and bought a couple of peaches for after the race.

During the race, I was a bit warm (as usual), but I still did well. I am waiting for the official results, but I think I my pace was better than the 6:40/km for the Lion’s Port Union Waterfront Run back in June. So unless I am horribly wrong, this was a new PR for me.

After the race was over, all the runners got a bit of food (veggie dogs for me), brownies and some Steam Whistle beer. It’s nice to have a brewery as a race sponsor! I’d like to do this race again next year. It was quite fun.

I really need to go back to the Toronto Islands sometime. Before this race, I hadn’t been there in years. I guess you just get used to going past places like the ferry to the islands, AGO, ROM, CN Tower, Toronto Zoo, etc. when you live in the GTA. You sort of forget how nice they are.

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Race – Durham 1/4 Marathon

It was bloody hot during this race. It was a struggle to run at a good speed but I think I did okay under the circumstances. Did I mention it was inferno-hot?

It was interesting running along the streets of Oshawa without much concern about the cars. Roads weren’t completely closed but we had a lane to ourselves. We also had a few spectators, like two chicks sitting on lawn chairs with a sign that said “As you pass, I’ll check out your ass”. Oshawa …

After the race was over, I got hosed down by a firefighter. That alone probably saved me from dying of heat stroke. I was a bit soaked but I managed to dry out by the time I got back to the car.

I’m very pleased with my first 10K race. They seem to be easier for me compared to 5K.

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Race – Muskoka Trail Run

Worst. Race. Ever.

I felt like absolute crap this entire race. I routinely run faster than this on my 14K easy runs, so obviously something went way wrong.

I think what I did wrong was eating a muffin and bagel before the race. The wrong type After running for a couple of minutes, I felt like I hit the proverbial wall and I never recovered. To make things worse, I forgot my Garmin at home a couple of hours away. Epic fail.

On the bright side, the course was very nice. Chico Racing courses are typically for mountain biking, but they decided to hold their first ever trail run. I’d love to go back (with my Garmin) and not screw myself over on carbs. Sounds like a plan.


Walk of Life – 5K Run

Well, I did it.  I beat my PR of 46:42 for 5K by about 13 minutes.  I wish this level of progress could last, but I know that it’s not possible. Breakfast was served by Whole Foods (yum).  John Stanton did a talk after the race.  It was great to see him in person after reading his book on running.


Race Day!

Okay, I’m addicted. I did a 5K race on a trail in Uxbridge. I finished it in 36:42, in spite of the hills and unpredictable nature of trails. I’m

Uxbridge Half Marathon
Car stuck in the mud

pretty proud of myself, even though I walked a little.


I got a medal and technical t-shirt. Maybe I should keep my race numbers and do something creative with them.

Now that I’ve had a taste of competition, I want to do more races, longer distances (while being careful not to increase too fast). If I can do a half marathon in the fall along with some 5K and 10K races, I will be very happy.