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Speed Work


Worst. Run. Ever.

Before I even started running, I had stomach pain. So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to do speed work (after a night shift) instead of an easy run or just resting. It was also pretty hot outside to make things worse.

I did well for the 1.5 km warmup and not too bad for the first 800m at speed (05:45/km). But after that, I totally overheated and I think I know vaguely what it’s like when marathoners hit the wall. I have followed the Paleo way of eating for the past couple of days, so I suspect that it was a bad idea to run without getting some carbs in me first. My legs felt like they were out of fuel and burned pretty much the whole time. I usually get that when I start running, but it goes away after a few minutes. I had a gel about 20 minutes into the run, but it was too late.

Lessons Learned
In the future, I will not do a hard run if I don’t feel well. If I am limiting grains and starches I will have a smoothie or gel before my run. That shouldn’t be a problem since my body should use up the carbs during my run.

Note: I need to do some more research about how much easier ketosis makes it easier for your body to use fatty acids as fuel during a run as opposed to glucose.