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Speed Test – 2.5K

The objective of this run was to do 2.5K as fast as I could to figure out a baseline. I managed to do it in 16:20, which corresponds with my 32 minute PR for a 5K. I tired myself out a bit because I thought the test started a minute earlier than it actually did so I ended up running fast and not having it count. Oh well. Close enough!

I must say, I am enjoying these runs that have a purpose. Good for Type A folk like me.

Threshold Field Test

My half marathon is in two months, so I am starting my training now. I have decided on the training program in “Be a Better Runner” by Sally Edwards. I like the fact that there is quite a bit of cross-training built in to the program and no more than three runs a week. Daniels’ Running Formula looks amazing too but seems to be a bit too complex for me right now.

Today’s run was a test of my threshold to base my upcoming training on. I had to find the point where it was difficult for me to continue talking, which was around 160. Now I have to base my training on percentages of that threshold. My easy runs are supposed to be easy. And — you guessed it — hard runs are supposed to be hard.

Now to program my Garmin for all of these new types of runs I will be doing.

Easy Run – 6K

This was a nice and easy recovery run after my tempo run the other day. I need to start adding in more relaxed runs like this to get my mileage back up again. It was hard to run at 08:15/km and not go faster, but I felt great at the end of the run.

I’m going to look through “Be a Better Runner” tonight and see if that training plan suits me better than the ones I have seen so far. There’s still time for me to switch over. Once I get to the 8 week mark though, no more messing around with different training plans.


Tempo – 8K

This run wasn’t too bad, but it was a reminder that I have to get my ass in gear for my half marathon in October. I was doing great in June but I slacked off in July. Time to get going again.

It wasn’t too hot today, which is a pleasant change from the weather as of late. The paths along Taunton are mostly asphalt with a couple of little hills, so it’s a bit easier on the joints. I’ll take this path again in the future, I think. It would have been nicer if the paths in the park weren’t flooded causing me to turn around early. Oh well.

Easy Run – 5K

It was pretty humid outside once again. I managed to run comfortably though. Because I didn’t run much in the last few weeks, it was a bit of a struggle at the beginning until my body settled into the run.

I spent several hours painting my hallway downstairs, so I was a bit tired from that as well. But on the bright side, at least I got a good full body workout today. Hah.


Easy Run – 5K

94% humidity! Bleh. What a nasty evening to run. Anyway, I survived. And I made sure I ran with a bit more clothing than I would have liked to so that I get used to being uncomfortable in the heat.


Easy Run – 5K

Today’s run was really rough due to some nasty pain in my right leg. I decided to run in spite of the pain because running won’t make this any worse.

I had a hell of a time with the entire run. I felt like there was a knife sawing my foot off and scraping the skin off my leg from top to bottom. Fun times.

I was supposed to do an 8K tempo today, but I knew I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Maybe I will try to do it tomorrow if I feel better.


Race – Durham 1/4 Marathon

It was bloody hot during this race. It was a struggle to run at a good speed but I think I did okay under the circumstances. Did I mention it was inferno-hot?

It was interesting running along the streets of Oshawa without much concern about the cars. Roads weren’t completely closed but we had a lane to ourselves. We also had a few spectators, like two chicks sitting on lawn chairs with a sign that said “As you pass, I’ll check out your ass”. Oshawa …

After the race was over, I got hosed down by a firefighter. That alone probably saved me from dying of heat stroke. I was a bit soaked but I managed to dry out by the time I got back to the car.

I’m very pleased with my first 10K race. They seem to be easier for me compared to 5K.

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