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First Hill Run

I did this workout on a treadmill using 3% to 9.2% incline (level 12 hill profile) and 7.2 km/h (4.5 mph) speed.  This was pretty hard, so I had to take a 1 minute rest after 10 minutes.  Hopefully this will teach my brain not to freak out when my muscles are working hard and my heart rate is high.  I hope that this helps me to push through the discomfort in my races when I am getting tired.

I’ll try to alternate between hills and speed work once a week over the next while.  It’s convenient that there’s a reasonably good treadmill at work which I have access to 24/7 when I am here.  I also have a track a two-minute walk away from my house.  No excuse to avoid hills and speedwork.