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Seaton Hiking Trail

Water along the Seaton Hiking Trail

I went for a walk along the Seaton Hiking Trail today to see how suitable it is for trail running. It’s quite nice, but there was too much mud due to all of the rain we have been getting lately. I’ll have to come back again sometime to go for a run.

The trail was well marked by the (Friends of Seaton Trail) so it was easy to navigate. I started on the trail from the Concession 5 & Brock Rd. entrance, but there are other entry points from Clarkes Hollow (wherever that is), Whitevale Rd. and also Highway 7.

For people with dogs, there are two off-leash areas which is great. I’ll have to bring my dog there on a day when I’m not going for a run. I’d bring him running with me, but he’s a mastiff and they generally aren’t cut out for endurance.