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Speed Test Fail

I was supposed to run 2.5K as fast as I could. However, it was windy and miserable. I just wasn’t feeling it, so I went back home. There’s no point in doing a speed test if you run slower than you normally would. I’ll have to try and fit that in at some other time so I know what my pace is for the race pace training coming up in a couple of weeks.

Treadmill Fail – 5.3K

Oh where do I start? I intended to do the Extreme Heart Rate workout on the Life Fitness treadmill at work. It was close enough to the hill repeats I was supposed to do outside but didn’t because of the thunderstorms. In theory.

I decided to use the new treadmill (minor upgrade) because it had a dock for an iPhone, iPod, iWhatever. However, this thing had a mind of its own and wanted me dead.

It was supposed to take my heart rate up to 160, then drop it back down to something like 120, rinse, repeat. Instead, this treadmill thought my heart rate was 118 when it was really 170+ and wouldn’t switch to the “downhill” part for recovery.

A quick look at the treadmill beside me confirmed that my heart rate was totally red-lined as I knew since I could barely keep going. So, I had to switch to the treadmill beside the one with murderous intentions. But it had already screwed up my run so I don’t feel like I did my repeats properly.

If I feel up to it tomorrow, I might do my repeats on the hill near my house. Next week is a recovery week anyway so I don’t think it matters if I have two hard runs close to back to back.

Achilles Fail

WTF … I walked for a couple of minutes then started running at an easy pace. Almost immediately, I got a somewhat pronounced pain in my achilles tendon. My achilles has been fine for well over a month, so this was a surprise. Maybe it happened because I did a lot of walking two days ago, along with a fair bit of cycling.

I guess it’s back to wearing Rocktape 24/7 and icing the tendon when I can. Anyone else have any ideas?

Race – Muskoka Trail Run

Worst. Race. Ever.

I felt like absolute crap this entire race. I routinely run faster than this on my 14K easy runs, so obviously something went way wrong.

I think what I did wrong was eating a muffin and bagel before the race. The wrong type After running for a couple of minutes, I felt like I hit the proverbial wall and I never recovered. To make things worse, I forgot my Garmin at home a couple of hours away. Epic fail.

On the bright side, the course was very nice. Chico Racing courses are typically for mountain biking, but they decided to hold their first ever trail run. I’d love to go back (with my Garmin) and not screw myself over on carbs. Sounds like a plan.


Speed Work


Worst. Run. Ever.

Before I even started running, I had stomach pain. So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to do speed work (after a night shift) instead of an easy run or just resting. It was also pretty hot outside to make things worse.

I did well for the 1.5 km warmup and not too bad for the first 800m at speed (05:45/km). But after that, I totally overheated and I think I know vaguely what it’s like when marathoners hit the wall. I have followed the Paleo way of eating for the past couple of days, so I suspect that it was a bad idea to run without getting some carbs in me first. My legs felt like they were out of fuel and burned pretty much the whole time. I usually get that when I start running, but it goes away after a few minutes. I had a gel about 20 minutes into the run, but it was too late.

Lessons Learned
In the future, I will not do a hard run if I don’t feel well. If I am limiting grains and starches I will have a smoothie or gel before my run. That shouldn’t be a problem since my body should use up the carbs during my run.

Note: I need to do some more research about how much easier ketosis makes it easier for your body to use fatty acids as fuel during a run as opposed to glucose.