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Ketosis & Training Update

I’ve been doing the ketogenic diet since November 11th and I am feeling great.  I’m rarely hungry, I’ve dropped quite a few pounds and I don’t feel constantly tired like I usually do.  The only downside is that I have to make all of my food but that’s a small price to pay.  I’ve found that over time, I figure out how to make things quicker and in larger quantities so I don’t have to cook each meal every day.

I haven’t missed any workouts so far this week so that’s another bonus.  I haven’t had to go in to work during my week off, which is very relaxing.  As for the running though, I just started up again two days ago after taking a post half marathon break.  I really have a lot of work to do there, especially if I want to do the Around the Bay 30K in March.

I’m going to be finishing up the last of the Vasa novice swim workouts this week and then I’ll be going to the intermediate workouts.  I am already feeling much stronger, which is awesome.  I was able to change the damper door setting to 2, which I wasn’t able to handle in the past.  It’s more work for women to build upper body strength, so I’m very excited when I see changes.

As for cycling, I have decided to do another FTP test and repeat some of the TrainerRoad Sweet Spot Intermediate Base I since I won’t really have enough time to finish Base II before my half Ironman training starts in January.  I don’t think there is really any need to kick things into super high gear yet since I’ll be doing that in training anyway.

So yeah, it’s been a good week and a half.  Except that my Garmin Forerunner 620 keeps getting delayed.  First it was October 31st, then November 4th, November 14th and finally November 28th.  Argh!

TRX Suspension Trainer

I decided to get a TRX suspension trainer because it appeared to be a nice and portable way to use body weight for strength development.  I am guilty of dropping strength workouts in favour of my swim, bike, run training.  As a result, my upper body strength is really not anywhere near where I want it to be and my quads are getting too developed while my hamstrings aren’t.  I really don’t want to end up with muscle imbalances that cause me to get injured more easily.  I need to be able to stay on my aero bars a lot more than I do now.  I also need to develop more strength to improve my swimming pull.  Sports aside, more core strength is always good for just about anything you’d want to do, other than lying down.


 (At this point, I should probably mention that I had rotator cuff problems for over a year.  Those problems have now been resolved, but I have very weak shoulders because I was unable to do shoulder exercises while my rotator cuff was screwed up.)


I did one set of the TRX endurance circuit on Monday just to get the hang of things without getting too sore in the process.  But today, I did the TRX Basic Training workout that comes on the DVD you get with the system.  Everything went well, but the oblique crunch and plank were quite difficult.  As usual, my weak shoulders started burning well before my abs did.   This is the same problem I had doing mountain climbers or push-ups.  Given time, I expect that will change.


I really like the fact that you can adjust the difficulty of any exercise on the fly.  There are no weights to add or remove, no bands to attach or detach.  You simply use the position of your body, or add something on to the movement to modify difficulty.  For example, if you find the squat too easy, you can add a jump at the end.  If the hamstring curl is too easy when you are lying on your back, raise your hips.


The only thing I wasn’t too fond of is the cost.  The TRX cost $189 for the Pro version.  This seems to be a bit steep, but I bought it anyway since it’s very portable.  In any case, stay tuned to see how I do!

51 Days to Mont-Tremblant 70.3!

I just looked at the countdown on this site. 51 days and 3 hours until my first 70.3. I have to admit that it’s a bit overwhelming, but I know that I am doing a decent job preparing for the race. Trust your training, right?

Before I do the big race, I am doing the Milton Sprint Triathlon on June 3rd. I’d like to do reasonably well, but it’s really a practice run for Tremblant on June 24th. I am also considering doing the Toronto Triathlon Olympic, but I am doing the Warrior Dash the day before. Hm.

I’ve been using the TrainingPeaks Virtual Coach to plan out my season as opposed to going by feel. Next year, I will be able to see how the training worked for me and make changes where I feel I need them. For cycling, I have been making use of TrainerRoad (awesome!). I love being able to see the wattage I am putting out without actually having a power meter. Even better, I really like the structured workouts, especially when paired with Sufferfest videos.

Even though I used to swim competitively when I was younger, I find that swimming is the most annoying aspect of training. I really hate having to get to the pool during certain hours. Even worse, sometimes there are too many people in the lane and you can’t swim the way you want to. To add to the difficulty of getting to the pool, I work rotating shifts and work a lot of overtime which is often unpredictable. One of these days, my dream is to get an Endless Pool so that I don’t have to go to the damn public pool all the time.

After this week is over, I have four weeks of build phase and two weeks of peak before the race. I really need to bring it these two phases so that I do well in June. As difficult as it gets to put your training hours in, it’s well worth it when you have a great race. To make this easier to accomplish, I took nearly half of May and three-quarters of June off of work.

P.S. I am not going to bother posting all of my workouts on this blog anymore, unless there is something special about them. If you want to see my workouts, check out my profile on TrainerRoad, Fitocracy or RunKeeper.

To Trek we go!

Today I sent my Speed Concept 7.0 off to Trek Toronto for maintenance. I was told to bring it back in a week or two when I first bought it in October 2011, but I wasn’t able to find the time for various reasons. The guys at Trek said that the shifting would go to crap pretty quickly because the cabling was just done. They were right about that.

In any case, because I am lazy, I am getting an extra wheel and cassette so that I can switch from trainer to road without swapping out my tire EVERY time. This should make life a lot easier for me. It’ll be around $200, but it’s well worth it to me. I can see myself missing training sessions because it’s miserable outside but I don’t want to melt my road tire on the trainer.

The way I see it, I make things as convenient as possible for myself so that I can’t reasonably make excuses.