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Log of my runs.

Bike FTP

I did my 8-Minute Test on TrainerRoad yesterday morning to see how much I have improved at cycling since the last time I did the test back in February.  My FTP (Functional Threshold Power) increased from 176 to 184.
How does FTP affect how fast you can ride your bike?  I’m glad you asked!  Here are some of my previous numbers to show how FTP translates into time on the bike.  Assuming I do my race on a completely flat course with no wind (ain’t gonna happen) and I don’t have to run after, this is approximately how long it would take me to do 90 kilometres:
(Dec 2011) 139 FTP – 2h46m
(Jan 2012) 147 FTP – 2h43m
(Feb 2012) 176 FTP – 2h31m
(May 2012) 184 FTP – 2h29m
So basically, if I could have even finished the bike portion of the race back in December, I would have been 15 minutes slower based on FTP alone.  I know that I couldn’t have handled 2.5 hours of riding my bike back then, let alone run after that, so the FTP is quite misleading.
Now, unfortunately for me, Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant is anything but flat.  As you can see, there are grades ranging from a mild 2% to a leg burning 17.3%.  It should be interesting!  I’m glad I’ve been making good use of Sufferfest’s Angels bike ride for hill training.  I hope it does the trick.


Hill Repeats – 4.2K

I had to get a set of hill repeats in before work. I am doing 12-hour shifts this weekend, so I will have to do a treadmill run at the gym at work. Tomorrow, I have to do a bit of a weird workout. 12 minutes each on the treadmill, elliptical, bike and stair climber. I’m not entirely sure why it’s laid out that way, but it should be amusing.

The race is three weeks away, so I will be doing a 14K run this Sunday, a 16K run the following Sunday and an 18K the Sunday after that. My training load is going to be quite high for the next two weeks, then it will drop drastically the week before the race. Hopefully I survive the next two weeks.

Recovery Run – 7.3K

My legs are still sore after the sprint intervals two days ago. Ow. It was pouring rain outside during this run. My feet got so wet that my shoes and socks were squishing out water with each step I took. Fun times. People were staring at me from their cars wondering what made me decide to go out and run in the rain.

My Nike Cyclone Vapor jacket usually works great for rain, but not today. It can’t shield me from downpours. I was completely soaked when I got home. Shoes, socks, sports bra, tights, jacket, hair. Fun! At least it was nice and cool.

Intervals – 5.3K

These intervals were pretty damn tough. I had to run as hard as I could for 1 minute then recover for 2 minutes. I basically ran between at 4:37/km and 5:09/km on the fast intervals, which is way faster than my normal running speed. The idea is that these will develop speed. I hope they work!

Speed Test Fail

I was supposed to run 2.5K as fast as I could. However, it was windy and miserable. I just wasn’t feeling it, so I went back home. There’s no point in doing a speed test if you run slower than you normally would. I’ll have to try and fit that in at some other time so I know what my pace is for the race pace training coming up in a couple of weeks.

Intervals – 8K

Bye bye recovery week. Back to business. I did 9 repeats of 5 minute runs with my heart rate at threshold, followed by 2 minutes of recovery. It’s amazing how hard each repeat gets in comparison to the previous. I’m definitely seeing that my hard runs are very hard and easy runs are a piece of cake.

Steady Run – 5.6K

This was supposed to be a nice and easy recovery week run. It didn’t really turn out that way. I came across quite a few hills, some of which I had to walk to keep my heart rate low according to my training program. Beautiful run though with lots of other runners and cyclists to keep me company.