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The Plan (Nothing to do with Cylons)

I had a horrendous 2013 race season and missed almost all (Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, Ironman Mont-Tremblant) of my big races,  so I’m going to scale things back for 2014 until I know my anemia issues are gone.  Instead of going for my first Ironman in 2014, I am going to do something like the following:








This schedule will probably keep me motivated to train throughout the winter, spring and summer.  If I manage to get a solid year of training in and I feel good, I’ll probably consider signing up for an Ironman in 2015.

What do you guys think?

I haven’t updated my blog in ages.  Bad Chantal, bad.  Part of the reason for the lack of updates is because I experienced issues with iron deficiency anemia this year.  As a result, I have had very little training to talk about.  My training was essentially non-existent between April  and September this year and sporadic before that.  I finally decided to go and see my doctor when I was getting tired from walking up a single flight of stairs when I had just done a half marathon the month before.

It has been a very frustrating year, but hopefully the worst of it is over!

RunKeeper Tribute to Steve Jobs

I was just surfing around randomly and I came across a really cool runner-style tribute to Steve Jobs on the Art of Running blog.

Doing something like this would definitely make a long run less boring, don’t you think? Maybe I’ll plan out a run like this sometime in the future. I wonder how many other people have done something similar. I’ll bet that some crazy person has used a running route to ask someone to marry them. Wouldn’t that suck ass if the other person said no?

Hip Pain

I woke up this morning with sore hips. The last time I felt hip pain was eight years ago and I remember it well. Back then, I had bursitis in my right hip. It was so painful that I needed to sleep with a pillow between my knees.

Today, both hips are sore, but it’s more pronounced on the right side. It’s possible that the bursae in my hips are inflamed, but it could also be a problem with my iliotibial (IT) band. I’m going to ice my hips when I get home and see how they feel tomorrow. If they still hurt, I will skip my run tomorrow.

Even if things feel better, I am going to start doing exercises and stretches to strengthen my knees and hips so I don’t have this problem again.

Rest Day & Pre-Race Strategy

After yesterday’s hill run, my glutes (iPad wants to autocorrect to “flutes” … haha), hamstrings and inner thigh are all sore. I feel okay when I move around for a while, but it hurts when I stand up.

I got my road bike back from being overhauled, so I took that for a spin this evening. I had forgotten how nice it is to go that fast under your own power. Because this is a rest day, I took it easy and kept the time under 30 minutes. Tomorrow, I might do my long run or perhaps an easy run de ending on how I feel. I won’t have time for a long run on the weekend because I will be working 12-hour shifts.

Because I am doing a 5K race next week, I am going to do a tempo run on Monday to get a feel for my (hopefully a bit faster) pace. I’ll do easy runs on Wednesday and Thursday then rest on Friday. We’ll see how that works for me. I’ll run four days instead of three next week because I will be skipping my long run.

Hopefully that makes sense!

Enough rain already!

It’s been raining in the Toronto area for what seems like weeks. Even though I enjoyed dodging the earthworms and snails on Sunday evening, I wasn’t in the mood in the evening when I woke up. I skipped my Running Room 5K clinic, but I did Angie Miller’s Kettlebell Bootcamp.

She’s a tiny little thing, but man is she tough. Because I plan to run later on my break at work, I took it easy and just did half of the DVD. Great strength workout and it kept my heart rate up too like you’d typically see in a cardio workout.

Later on this morning, I’m going to run on the treadmill at work and use the hill setting for a hard run. I brought my heart rate transmitter, so it can keep my heart rate up good and high. Hopefully the guys don’t mind the sweat, because I won’t have time for a shower … Hahaha! I did bring a change of clothes though.

I’m going to eat a whole wheat egg salad sandwich now so I’ll have the energy to run like crazy. When I’m finished, I’ll probably eat a stinger protein bar so I don’t have to eat again before bed in the morning.

Feeling Good

My hips aren’t hurting anymore now that I’ve had a reasonably decent sleep. I was a bit stiff at work last night because I had to sit in a chair for 8 hours. I felt better as soon as I went for a walk, so I’ll know what to do next time. I was in a huge rush after my run though so I forgot to stretch. Whoops.

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a nice and slow group run at the Running Room with my 5K clinic. Then during the week, I’ll be doing a tempo run. I’m still trying to decide exactly how to approach my training because I don’t yet know what works for me.

I also plan to get my road bike back from the shop either tomorrow or Wednesday so I might take that for a spin. It’s been so long! It’ll be nice to get out on my bike on the days I’m not running. I can fit my bike in my Mini as long as I take both wheels off and flip the back seats down, so I can drive it out somewhere if I don’t want to ride near home.

In a few, I’ll be off to vote. It should be interesting to see what happens today.