Monthly Archives: October 2011

Getting Ready – First Half Marathon

I recently watched a triathlon nutrition video by Joe Friel. He recommends that if you have an hour before the race, you take in 200-300 calories. If you have 2 hours, 400-600 calories. Since liquid or semi-soft food is easier to handle and less likely to cause digestive issues, I will be trying his suggestion of Ensure. He recommends Ensure because it doesn’t contain milk solids. Since I’m lactose intolerant, that’s fine by me.

I am going for my 16K run in about an hour so I just downed a bottle of chocolate Ensure. It actually tastes decent. I will eat a gel just as I go out the door and have another one after an hour. If all goes well for the next two long runs, I’ll be doing the same before my race.

It’s only 5 degrees Celsius out there, so I should be nice and cool on my run. I hate the fact that summer is dead and buried, but I like the fact that I can run at any time of day.