Treadmill Fail – 5.3K

Oh where do I start? I intended to do the Extreme Heart Rate workout on the Life Fitness treadmill at work. It was close enough to the hill repeats I was supposed to do outside but didn’t because of the thunderstorms. In theory.

I decided to use the new treadmill (minor upgrade) because it had a dock for an iPhone, iPod, iWhatever. However, this thing had a mind of its own and wanted me dead.

It was supposed to take my heart rate up to 160, then drop it back down to something like 120, rinse, repeat. Instead, this treadmill thought my heart rate was 118 when it was really 170+ and wouldn’t switch to the “downhill” part for recovery.

A quick look at the treadmill beside me confirmed that my heart rate was totally red-lined as I knew since I could barely keep going. So, I had to switch to the treadmill beside the one with murderous intentions. But it had already screwed up my run so I don’t feel like I did my repeats properly.

If I feel up to it tomorrow, I might do my repeats on the hill near my house. Next week is a recovery week anyway so I don’t think it matters if I have two hard runs close to back to back.