Steady Run – 8.5K

I did a steady run today, keeping my heart rate between 80% and 85% of threshold. I didn’t feel too bad, except that my legs still hurt from doing fast intervals two days ago. It’s amazing how running faster uses your muscles in a completely different way.

I finally cracked open the UFC Trainer program for Xbox 360 and gave that a go yesterday. Since I get enough cardio from running, I selected the strength training program. It was quite a decent workout, with killer pushups. I am probably going to do a half ironman next year, so I have to get my upper body strong enough to do the swimming. I’ll start with UFC, then add in kettlebells again. I need to make sure my strength training workouts don’t take much time, so they are the best choice for me.

On Friday, I’ll be doing more hill repeats before I go in to work. It should be fun!