40-Beat ZigZag – 8K

This is another new type of interval run from my new training plan. I had to get my heart rate up to 110% of threshold (uncomfortably fast pace), recover to around 80% and repeat. It got progressively harder to hang on to 110% as the run went on. The idea of this workout is that your body will learn what a hard running pace really is and it will learn to recover from all-out bursts.

Sally Edwards isn’t kidding when she says that your hard runs should be very hard and easy runs should be very easy. So far, I haven’t been confused about whether I am doing a hard or easy run. Either my body is screaming at me to stop, or I can run at that pace forever.

Tomorrow is a cross training day, which I am actually looking forward to. I am probably going to do my UFC Trainer workout on my Xbox 360. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but I suspect that it will be a really good and workout.