Run + 12-Hour Shift = Bleh

I’m working 12-hour night shifts this weekend, which always makes fitting runs in difficult. I have to run in about three or four hours on the treadmill here at work or the run won’t happen. I’m considering doing intervals today, then a steady run tomorrow so I am ready for my harder run on Monday. I suppose that makes the most sense even though the treadmill intervals will be awkward to execute since I usually run outdoors.

I am doing the half marathon training plan from “Be a Better Runner”, so I need to do what’s called an Un-Steady Eddy. Basically, I have to alternate intervals at 80%, 85% and 90% of my heart rate threshold (160bpm) for 30-60 minutes.

If all goes well, I can finish my run, get some breakfast (dinner, really) and sit on my butt for another 4 hours before I get to go home and sleep. My run tomorrow will be a matter of holding my heart rate at 85% of threshold for the entire run.