Heart Rate Ladder – 2K

Since my hill repeat run ended a bit early, I decided to do half of the heart rate ladder run I was supposed to do earlier in the week when my achilles was hurting me.

The most challenging part of this run is keeping my heart rate low at the beginning. 80% of threshold is something I could keep up by walking very fast. It’s hard to run that slow. The part I like best is when I run between 96% and 100% of threshold. That feels like a good workout, but I know the entire run serves a purpose.

Since I am working 12-hour shifts on the weekend, it’s going to be a challenge to get my run in on Saturday. People who don’t do shift work think it’s hard sticking to a schedule. Try it when you work at different times of day, 12-hour shifts, etc. Going for a “morning run” can turn into an “you’ve been up all night and are ready to climb into bed run”.