Combo Run – 5K

This was one of my new runs from the “Be A Better Runner” training plan for half marathons. Basically, I alternated keeping my heart rate around 80% of threshold for 5 minutes, then 90% for 5 minutes. It was a real challenge to run slow enough to stay at 80%. But I guess the idea is to teach your body that 90% really isn’t that bad in comparison to the torture of trying to run super slow.

I missed my heart rate ladder workout yesterday because my achilles was acting up and I wanted to give it a rest. I will probably try to work that back in if I can later on during the week. I am supposed to do hill repeats tomorrow, so hopefully that won’t mess with my achilles too much. If I feel anything weird, I will stop and just do the heart rate ladder run instead. There’s no way that I am going to risk an injury for one training run.