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Easy Run – 5K

94% humidity! Bleh. What a nasty evening to run. Anyway, I survived. And I made sure I ran with a bit more clothing than I would have liked to so that I get used to being uncomfortable in the heat.


Easy Run – 5K

Today’s run was really rough due to some nasty pain in my right leg. I decided to run in spite of the pain because running won’t make this any worse.

I had a hell of a time with the entire run. I felt like there was a knife sawing my foot off and scraping the skin off my leg from top to bottom. Fun times.

I was supposed to do an 8K tempo today, but I knew I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Maybe I will try to do it tomorrow if I feel better.


Race – Durham 1/4 Marathon

It was bloody hot during this race. It was a struggle to run at a good speed but I think I did okay under the circumstances. Did I mention it was inferno-hot?

It was interesting running along the streets of Oshawa without much concern about the cars. Roads weren’t completely closed but we had a lane to ourselves. We also had a few spectators, like two chicks sitting on lawn chairs with a sign that said “As you pass, I’ll check out your ass”. Oshawa …

After the race was over, I got hosed down by a firefighter. That alone probably saved me from dying of heat stroke. I was a bit soaked but I managed to dry out by the time I got back to the car.

I’m very pleased with my first 10K race. They seem to be easier for me compared to 5K.

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Easy Run – 6K

I did this run just a bit faster than usual to show that I can run this distance much faster than I did in the Muskoka Trail Run. I seem to do much better without a bagel and muffin stuck in my belly.


Race – Muskoka Trail Run

Worst. Race. Ever.

I felt like absolute crap this entire race. I routinely run faster than this on my 14K easy runs, so obviously something went way wrong.

I think what I did wrong was eating a muffin and bagel before the race. The wrong type After running for a couple of minutes, I felt like I hit the proverbial wall and I never recovered. To make things worse, I forgot my Garmin at home a couple of hours away. Epic fail.

On the bright side, the course was very nice. Chico Racing courses are typically for mountain biking, but they decided to hold their first ever trail run. I’d love to go back (with my Garmin) and not screw myself over on carbs. Sounds like a plan.