Rest Day & Pre-Race Strategy

After yesterday’s hill run, my glutes (iPad wants to autocorrect to “flutes” … haha), hamstrings and inner thigh are all sore. I feel okay when I move around for a while, but it hurts when I stand up.

I got my road bike back from being overhauled, so I took that for a spin this evening. I had forgotten how nice it is to go that fast under your own power. Because this is a rest day, I took it easy and kept the time under 30 minutes. Tomorrow, I might do my long run or perhaps an easy run de ending on how I feel. I won’t have time for a long run on the weekend because I will be working 12-hour shifts.

Because I am doing a 5K race next week, I am going to do a tempo run on Monday to get a feel for my (hopefully a bit faster) pace. I’ll do easy runs on Wednesday and Thursday then rest on Friday. We’ll see how that works for me. I’ll run four days instead of three next week because I will be skipping my long run.

Hopefully that makes sense!