Feeling Good

My hips aren’t hurting anymore now that I’ve had a reasonably decent sleep. I was a bit stiff at work last night because I had to sit in a chair for 8 hours. I felt better as soon as I went for a walk, so I’ll know what to do next time. I was in a huge rush after my run though so I forgot to stretch. Whoops.

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a nice and slow group run at the Running Room with my 5K clinic. Then during the week, I’ll be doing a tempo run. I’m still trying to decide exactly how to approach my training because I don’t yet know what works for me.

I also plan to get my road bike back from the shop either tomorrow or Wednesday so I might take that for a spin. It’s been so long! It’ll be nice to get out on my bike on the days I’m not running. I can fit my bike in my Mini as long as I take both wheels off and flip the back seats down, so I can drive it out somewhere if I don’t want to ride near home.

In a few, I’ll be off to vote. It should be interesting to see what happens today.