Monthly Archives: May 2011

Easy Run – 3K

I just did a quick run on the treadmill at work with my Merrell Pace Glove barefoot shoes. It felt pretty good, but you definitely work your calves more when running “barefoot”. I like the idea of using these shoes for short runs or trail runs. They seem to strengthen your feet too, which is good. It’s nice that I have the option of running on the treadmill at work if I don’t manage to run before coming to work. I just wish I had a treadmill at home for when it’s hot out. Rain is no problem.


Long Run – 11K

This was a scenic run along the Ajax waterfront “trail”. I will definitely do the trail again, but a bit earlier next time. It was pretty dark by the time I was finished. There was a nice mist which kept me cool during the run.

Before the run, I made a smoothie with glutamine, 1/2 a banana, orange juice and some mango. During the run, I sipped water and iced coconut cream green tea (from Teaopia) sweetened with honey. It seemed to work quite well. I had one Carb Boom gel after about 45 minutes. After the run, I had more glutamine, chocolate & peanut protein powder and dark chocolate almond milk. Very nice.

My left ankle seems to be acting up a little just like the last time. We’ll see how it is tomorrow.


Easy Run – 5K

This was intended to be an easy run, so I kept my heart rate down to about 65% of maximum as much as I could. The pace was extremely relaxed and it felt pretty good. I didn’t play any music this time; I just listened to my feet hit the ground.

It’s nice to do a couple of runs like this a week as opposed to the other runs I’ve been doing that require me to keep my pace up, do a certain number of hills or keep my heart rate higher. Runs like this let you enjoy just running and being outside. Some of those cheery types might even enjoy the sensation of being alive on easy runs.


Group Run – 6K

I did a 6k run with my 5k clinic today. I had a cramp in my neck until I got to 4.5 kilometres, then it went away. I decided to do 6k instead of the 5k that we were supposed to do. I saw no sense in stopping as soon as I felt better. I didn’t have any potassium (banana) before my run, so maybe that was the cramping problem with my neck. My stomach was also complaining the whole time and still is four hours later.

For breakfast, I had some Kashi GoLean cereal. For lunch, I had some bulgur, chickpeas and quinoa with vegetables and raisins. Two hours before I ran, I had a chocolate chip Clif Bar. Maybe the lunch didn’t work for me or maybe the Clif Bar did it. Who knows.

I will count today’s run as my tempo run although it’s short 2 kilometres. The speed was just about right for tempo. I’ll do a 5k easy run tomorrow instead of 3k to sort of make up for the missing mileage.


Tempo Run – 6K

I had a bit of extra energy today, which is quite rare. I decided to do a tempo run instead of an easy run. Basically, I kept my heart rate at around 80% of maximum. Although I was overheating (again), I finished 5K in 35:06, which is a pace of 07:01 per kilometre including the walking intervals. I took it easy for the next kilometre and got a good walk in at the end.

I would be very happy to finish my next 5K in under 30 minutes, but we’ll have to see. That might be a bit too much time to shave off, even with hill repeats.


Long Run – 10K

I went for a run at Ajax Rotary Park today. It was about 24 degrees. I know that you’re not supposed to work out between 11AM and 3PM but 24 degrees really isn’t that hot. However, I learned really quickly that I don’t do well in the heat … at all. I had to take my tank top off and run in my sports bra. Even then, I was overheating. I wasn’t sweating too much but I still drank about 18 ounces of water over the hour and my tummy was sloshing around at one point. Whoops.

I’ll make a point of getting all white gear, including a white hat so that I do a bit better next time. I’ve read that your body learns how to sweat when you make it work under warm conditions but I might need to help it along.


Easy Run

The weather was very nice today. The only thing that put a bit of a damper on my run was a huge puddle that I could not run around. I had to go right through and my shoes got completely soaked. Fortunately, I know not to wear cotton socks, so it was fine.

On the way back, I saw two runners looking tentatively at the puddle. I told them it’s deeper than it looks, then I ran through it anyway with a grin.


Hill Repeats

This is the first time I have done hill repeats outdoors. What a burn! This real hill was much more of a challenge as opposed to the simulated one on the treadmill. By the time I was on the second repeat, I wasn’t sure if I could do all five. But I managed somehow.

I made sure I had a protein drink and glutamine powder to hopefully cut down on muscle soreness tomorrow. I know I am going to feel it though.


Easy Run

Today was a nice and easy run. My ankle is still a bit sore from running on a banked road on Sunday, but it doesn’t hurt while I run. After I finished running, I made sure I did all of the lower body stretches I could possibly think of. I also used my foam roller on my IT band. If I am sore tomorrow, I will be pissed.


Easy Run

I took a run down some quiet roads today. Unfortunately, the roads were banked so my left ankle is killing me. I’ll be using my wobble board to see if I can fix that.