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Seaton Hiking Trail

Water along the Seaton Hiking Trail

I went for a walk along the Seaton Hiking Trail today to see how suitable it is for trail running. It’s quite nice, but there was too much mud due to all of the rain we have been getting lately. I’ll have to come back again sometime to go for a run.

The trail was well marked by the (Friends of Seaton Trail) so it was easy to navigate. I started on the trail from the Concession 5 & Brock Rd. entrance, but there are other entry points from Clarkes Hollow (wherever that is), Whitevale Rd. and also Highway 7.

For people with dogs, there are two off-leash areas which is great. I’ll have to bring my dog there on a day when I’m not going for a run. I’d bring him running with me, but he’s a mastiff and they generally aren’t cut out for endurance.

Goodbye, April!

Pretty good run.  I am getting better at keeping my heart rate down.  I have a race to do on June 18th, but I think I should schedule some races in May.  I need to see what my times are like in a 5K race, so I can better prepare for my 10K race.  I think I will probably be better at middle distance running.  I doubt I’ll have the all-out speed needed for a 5K.  Should be interesting to find out where I can do my best!

Windy Run @ Ajax Rotary Park

I went for a run at Rotary Park in Ajax. Holy shit was it ever windy. That makes for a hard run. I see why they say to run into the wind on your way out, and not on your way back. You’d never make it back if you were tired from the first half of the run.

Other than the wind, it was a nice and scenic route right beside the lake. If you go running there, just remember that it can be much colder and windier by the water.

I am going to run this route several times over the next two months. I have a 5K race to do there this summer. Maybe I’ll have a home court advantage! The path goes quite a long distance if you keep following it, so I can use it for longer runs too.


Group Run #2

I did my second group run with the 5K class. It was so much easier this time around! I was able to talk the whole time because my heart rate was much, much lower.

I actually had fun this time and I wasn’t all the way at the back of the pack. I guess I am getting better at conserving oxygen!


Long Run #1

Yeah, yeah. I know I raced yesterday and I shouldn’t do a long run … Don’t nag me.

This was a great run. It wasn’t tiring at all. When I finished running, I felt like I could keep going for twice the distance. However, I didn’t because I know my joints and ligaments are still getting used to this running stuff. I don’t want to miss my goals because I was stupid and injured myself by increasing distance too fast.


Race Day!

Okay, I’m addicted. I did a 5K race on a trail in Uxbridge. I finished it in 36:42, in spite of the hills and unpredictable nature of trails. I’m

Uxbridge Half Marathon
Car stuck in the mud

pretty proud of myself, even though I walked a little.


I got a medal and technical t-shirt. Maybe I should keep my race numbers and do something creative with them.

Now that I’ve had a taste of competition, I want to do more races, longer distances (while being careful not to increase too fast). If I can do a half marathon in the fall along with some 5K and 10K races, I will be very happy.


Day Before the Race

The race is tomorrow, so I just went for a short trail run.  I’m a little bit nervous even though I have no intention of being competitive.  It’s too soon for that.  I just want to get some racing experience so I know what to expect in the future.


So far, so good

I’m starting to get more comfortable, but it’s still not easy.  Did I mention that I signed up for a 5K trail race on Saturday?  Muahahaha!